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I wrote this over 10 years ago, but I still carry the same beliefs now that I did when this was written.
The content has not been updated since then.

In my nearly forty years I have witnessed a great change in our society. We have gone from a nation of self reliant, hard working and patriotic people, to what we have today, a nation splintered into groups, all looking for their own part of our country.

I was raised to believe that the US was a melting pot, not a place where each group had it own country or stake, but a United country with a common goal of freedom.

Multi-culturalism is the source for much of the confusion in our society today. While we should celebrate our heritage, we should always remember, for our great nation to survive , we are a united states.

We are not the diverse states of America for a reason, for divided we fall, united we stand. We must bring all people back together for the sake of our nation. The fate of this great nation depends on being united.

There are many things that are happening in our country to cause alarm in those that value freedom. The recent onslaught of lawsuits against manufacturers is a glaring example of being headed down the wrong path.

When we allow people to sue manufacturers of legal properly used products, we tell everyone they have no responsibility in their own actions. Cigarette users have known for all my life and well before the 60's that smoking is harmful. Yet we now tell them the decision to smoke is not their own doing, they had no control.

Many people believe smoking is addictive, frankly I do not believe that, having been a smoker for over 15 years at one point in my life. I strongly believe that smoking is merely a habit. Take for example the act that a smoker will smoke after certain activities. i.e. after a meal, with a cup of coffee, when behind the wheel. A habit is formed by doing something repetitively, after a dozen or more repetitions it becomes a subconscious act.

Take a drug addict, they must take drugs at a given time, not driven by actions but by timed intervals.

The current lawsuits being filed against firearm manufacturers are an outrageous example of freedom being stretched to the limits. While we enjoy the freedom to sue for negligence of the manufacturer, why should we be allowed to sue the manufacturer for the illegal use of their legally, and highly regulated, manufactured product, by a third party.

The legal profession has done much to erode freedom and personal responsibility in this once great nation. Lawyers are continually finding new ways to tap into a deep pocket for great rewards. The tobacco settlement is a great example of this absurdity. For a year or less of their time they will apparently reap billions of dollars in fees. If they were truly doing all these things for the poor plaintiff, why do they take so much of the ill-gotten gains?

We see all too often the aftermath of these lawyers, warning labels on everything we touch practically, to some products being completely removed from society.

Products that have worked fine for many years have been changed after lawsuits because of one persons irresponsible handling of it.

In the state of California any establishment that has any products that have ever been accused of causing cancer are required to post a large and conspicuous placard at the entrance of their establishment so stating it to anyone who may enter. A wonderful windfall for the printing community, but has it actually done any good? It quickly became a joke to many. Others just ignored it all together.

We continually allow our elected representatives to erode our freedoms by passing more laws affecting our behavior. We are coming to a point where not one thing that we can do is not covered by some statute somewhere. This is not how freedom is suppose to work. Lets look at gun-control, since it is a perfect example of what our Founding Fathers warned against.

After any nationally hyped tragedy we hear the calls for more gun control. Protect us from the criminals. So we see the weakest element in our representatives push for more gun control, instead of being strong and punishing the criminals who perpetrate such heinous crimes.

Why do we continually punish the law abiding by passing more laws that only the non-criminal law abiding citizens care about anyway?

These new laws effectively strip and erode the freedoms of the law abiding, they do nothing to punish those that prey upon the law abiding.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

We have completely lost sight of this valuable lesson in our quest to have the government protect us at every turn.

We must look to ourselves for our protection and safety, not the government, in any form. The government cannot possibly be there every time something happens. If that was possible these tragedies that some lawmakers exploit would never happen.

When we get back to punishing the doer of the crime, we will see a change in the crime rate. What sense does it make to tell someone who is of a mind to murder, that if he uses a gun to commit the crime he would have an extra 5 years added to what should be a life sentence.

All criminals convicted by a jury of twelve, of 1st degree capital murder should be sentenced to death, given the vehicle to make a thorough appeal, and if conviction upheld, the sentence carried out swiftly. This is the way to deter crime, not by saying that the inanimate object used to commit the crime is evil.

It should be made very clear that the most dangerous part of any firearm, is the hand holding it.

We have come to a point in our society that we do not judge people for their actions, instead we blame the product. Never mind the fact that the product or object can not possibly operate on its own.

Whether the product is a cigarette or a firearm, they require human intervention to be used.

Personal responsibility is what is required in order to preserve freedom. We must stop the endless hours of media coverage that tries to find a cause for an individual committing a crime against his fellow man. We must place all blame squarely on the shoulders of the individual(s) who actually commit the crime.

When we as a society spend endless hours after a tragedy wringing our hands and trying to analyze the reasons why a person commits the crime, we send a message to other would be criminals that they can find their moment in the sun.

We have come to a point where the average criminal who commits murder, serves less than 15 years for his crime. We have groups crying that the death penalty is cruel punishment, never mind the cruel and unusual pain the criminal visited upon both his victim and the victims family.

I am married to a wonderful woman who was unfortunate enough to have a loved one murdered in cold blood by a habitual criminal. While her and the family have endured this pain, the murderer sits in prison living his life on the taxpayers dime. I should mention that the loved one was a police officer and the murderer was a drug dealer who executed this officer of the law for doing his duty.

Twice a year my wife remembers the pain of this loss, on the anniversary of his murder, and on his birthday. I have no idea of the pain she or the mother and father of this man must feel, and I hope you and I never do.

Be honest with yourself, do you really believe a criminal will care if you add a weapons charge on top of a murder charge? Now consider that the criminal knew full well that the man he executed with a shotgun blast through a window, was in fact a police officer.

I have watched the parents of this man regularly tend to the grave of this fine young man. Meticulously keeping the grass trimmed around the headstone, making sure the US flag is always flying at his grave, and fresh flowers are always there.

No parent should ever have to go through the pain of burying a child. Add to this the fact that the slime ball who committed this heinous crime is still alive, with free room and board, at the taxpayers expense.

Prisons have become a place for rehabilitation instead of a place of punishment. With the recidivism rate at nearly 70% I think it's time to get back to punishment.

Every time we push for legislation to protect us from firearms or any other legal product, we also push to lose some of our freedoms. Recently we have heard calls for mandatory storage legislation, unless we are willing to abolish the second and fourth amendments to the US Constitution, this type of law could never be enforced until after the fact. The effect of this type of legislation will be to punish those already grieving beyond what I ever care to experience.

The thought of punishing someone for the crimes of another is astounding to me. Have we gone so far in our society that we will place blame on others to exonerate the actual criminal.

We have the right to keep and bear arms in this country, the US Constitution guarantees this God given right to self defense. The US Constitution does not say, but only if stored a certain way. Nor does the US constitution say anything about hunting or sporting purposes.

Our Founding Fathers were very deliberate in their choice of wording when they wrote the US Constitution. They were very concerned that the government they were forming never be able to become what they were fleeing.

We have many examples of sacrificing freedom for a little security. Helmet laws, seat belt laws, child safety caps, just to name a few. All these laws are designed to take the place of personal responsibility. Legislators have used the health care issue to pass many laws of this type. They tell us that because health care for the uninsured is so expensive, we must pass these laws to curtail public health care costs. If everyone still provided for themselves instead of relying on taxpayer funds this would not be necessary.

We have become a nation of people that look to government for all our basic needs, this is not what our founding fathers envisioned when they created this nation.

While I do not look at President Kennedy quite as favorably as many do in this country, was it not JFK who said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." We have strayed an awful long way from this philosophy. JFK's party, the Democrats are the party that has lead us down the path we are on. Unfortunately the Republicans, my party by the way, has been unable or unwilling to stop the loss of freedoms we are experiencing.

The liberals in our governments have shown themselves to be ready and willing to pander to our fears and to create fears to advance their policies. Just look at recent election cycles for proof of this. The democrats told us repeatedly that the republicans were going to starve children with school lunch cuts. Senior citizens would be starved our thrown out in the streets with medicare and social security cuts.

May I remind you that 50 years ago these programs did not even exist. Today these programs eclipse the national defense budget, the one area the federal government actually has constitutional authority for. All these federal social programs are out of control and in my opinion unconstitutional.

The US Constitution clearly states that the federal government is to "Provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." Again our founding fathers were very deliberate in their choice of words.

Provide for the common defence.

Promote the general welfare.

The so called separation of church and state is a classic example of the blatant misinterpretation of the US Constitution.

Amendment 1 reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" In order to completely enjoy this Amendment one must understand the purpose of the US Constitution.

The sole purpose of this great document is to outline the FEDERAL governments role in society, and clearly spell out it's limitations.

With this in mind read the Amendment again. Nowhere does it say anything about local school boards, city governments, or even state governments. Congress is clearly, and literally spelled out.

Richard S. Anderson

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